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WellnessWorks is Hardman & Howell Benefits health management practice. Our wellness consultant can help you custom design a wellness program meeting any budget. Whether you want to enter the wellness arena incrementally or jump in with both feet, we can help you design the right plan for you and your employees.

We also offer several complete health management solutions that provide employers with integrated resources specifically designed to improve the health and well-being of their employees. WellnessWorks is crafted to meet your unique population needs, to preserve your employee productivity and to seamlessly integrate into your company’s culture and long-term health strategy.

Our clients also receive HHB's WellnessWorks wellness newsletter including activity ideas, timely challenges and health recipes.

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Doug Maxwell 
Director of Finance 

Robin Schauf 
Payroll Clerk

Susan Smith 
Payroll Clerk

Karin Coleman 
Accounts Payable 

Jessica Coffman 
Accounts Payable 


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