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Parent Resources

Resources for Parents 

As trends and fads arise, we want our parents to be informed on these topics.


Census 2020 – April 1st 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Census

What will happen in Goddard if everyone doesn’t get counted?

Juul & Other E-Cigarettes



Know The Risks: E-Cigarettes & Young People

CDC Quick Facts on the Risks of the E-Cigarette

Vaping sent this teenager into rehab. His parents blame Juul's heavy nicotine dose.

New program launched to help curb teen vaping epidemic

This teen's vape exploded, shattering his jaw

Juul CEO Kevin Burns calls vaping-related illnesses 'worrisome,' but won't pull products

Local Teen Hospitalized for 10 Days After Using THC-infused Vape

Teen Talk: What Parents Need to Know about Vaping​

“Dabbing” concentrated THC is new troubling trend among teens



Online Challenges & Internet Stunts


Momo Challenge Resurfaces, Police Issue Warning to Parents

13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About


Suicide Prevention


Suicide Prevention Plan, Crisis Intervention and Professional Learning

The Jason Flatt Act (KSA 72-8260) was passed by the Kansas Legislature and signed by the governor in spring 2016. As a result of this law, each building will have a crisis plan that will include:

  • recognition of suicide ideation;
  • appropriate interventions; and a
  • crisis recovery plan

So that this information is in the hands of those working closest to the student, each school will provide suicide awareness and prevention training for all school personnel. The content of this training can be accessed at

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255
  • ComCare of Sedgwick County, Suicide Prevention, (316) 660-7500 or Text CONNECT to 741741
  • Sedgwick County Department of Mental Health and Crisis Intervention (316) 263-3770



Talking About Suicide: A Guide for Schools and Families

Warning Signs of Suicide and Crisis Resources