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2018 Summer School

2018 Summer School
May 29 through June 15, 2018
7:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Goddard Academy
19701 W 23rd Street South
Goddard, KS 67052

Summer School offers courses for Grades 9-12,
including Math, English, Social Studies and Science as well as Sophomore Health. 
All courses are taught at Goddard Academy. 

To enroll, complete this form and return by Monday, May 21, 2018.
To enroll, complete this downloadable form and return by mail to PO Box 318, Goddard Academy, Goddard, KS 67052 or you may drop-off to Goddard Academy 19701 W 23rd Street South, Goddard, KS 67052. 
One form must be returned for each student.


Academic Course: $150.00 tuition per student 
Bus Transportation: $50.00 (available for in-district students only)
Fees must be paid by May 21, 2018.


  • Students may only take one course. 
  • Courses must have a minimum of 10 students enrolled for it to be offered. A maximum of 25 spots will be available per subject.
    • Parents will be notified by May 24, 2018, if a course has been canceled. Refunds will be issued if the District cancels the course. 
  • Out-of-district students are accepted only if space is available. In-district students receive priority enrollment. 
  • Parents are expected to call the summer school office at 316.794.4142 is their student will be absent.
  • No credit will be issued for the summer session if a student has two or more absences or incomplete work.
  • ALL summer courses are for credit recovery (making up credit) NOT for gaining advanced credit, with the exception of Sophomore Health. 
  • No refunds will be issued after May 25th

Download your 2018 SUMMER SCHOOL FORM here!