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Kindergarten - Math

pdfPurpose and Use pdfCounting and Cardinality pdfK.CC.1 0-10 Student Number Lines pdfK.CC.1 0-20 Student Number Lines pdfK.CC.1 100 Chart pdfK.CC.1 Individual 100 Chart pdfK.CC.2 0-20 Number cards pdfK.CC.2 Keep It In Your Brain Counting Mat pdfK.CC.2 Recording Paper (Keep it in your brain) pdfK.CC.3 0-20 Numeral cards pdfK.CC.3 Grab and Write page pdfK.CC.4a Cover the Quantity pdfK.CC.4c 0-10 Student Number Lines pdfK.CC.4c Bugs On A Rug recording sheet pdfK.CC.5 Scoop the Beans recording page pdfK.CC.6 Apple Tasting Graph pdfK.CC.6 Grab Mat pdfK.CC.6 Grab Predict Compare-Less pdfK.CC.6 Grab Predict Compare-Less pdfK.CC.7 0-20 Number cards pdfOperations and Algebraic Thinking pdfK.OA.1 Assessment Recording page pdfK.OA.1 Five Little Monkeys Rhyme pdfK.OA.1 Santas Beard pdfK.OA.1 Stamping Sets Recording Page pdfK.OA.1 Teddy Bear Take Away work mat pdfK.OA.1 Work Space page pdfK.OA.2 Fish Bowl pdfK.OA.2 Story Book page pdfK.OA.3 0-20 Number cards pdfK.OA.3 Doghouse & Bowls pdfK.OA.3 Number Talk Example pdfK.OA.3 Puppy Counters pdfK.OA.4 Coin Drop Recording page pdfK.OA.4 Ten Frame Buddies Recording page pdfK.OA.4 Ten Frame pdfK.OA.5 Example Dot Flash Card pdfK.OA.5 Fish Matching page pdfK.OA.5 Fish Problem & Answer cards pdfK.OA.5 Hat Recording page pdfK.OA.5 Monkey Faces & Hat Problems pdfK.OA.5 Quick Draw page pdfK.OA.5 Snowflake Counters pdfK.OA.5 Tree Work Mat pdfNumber and Operations in Base 10 pdfK.NBT.1 Double Ten Frame pdfK.NBT.1 Teen Number Ten Frame recording page pdfK.NBT.1 Tens and Ones Place Value chart pdfMeasurement and Data pdfK.MD.1 Heavier Lighter recording page pdfK.MD.3 Crayon Graph pdfK.MD.3 Jolly Jelly Beans graph pdfGeometry pdfK.G.1 3D Shape Sort pdfK.G.1 Position Words Cards pdfK.G.1 Table Shapes pdfK.G.6 Pattern Block Picture example pdf8 Mathematical Practices