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Grade 4 - ELA

pdfPurpose of Use pdfReading pdfRF 4.4c Reading Strategies Checklist pdfRF.4.3 Phonics Dominoes pdfRF.4.3a Prefix & Suffix Sort pdfRF.4.3a Syllable Pattern Sort pdfRF.4.4a Anticipation Guide pdfRF.4.4a Comprehension Rubric pdfRF.4.4b Fluency Rubric pdfRF.4.4b Fourth Grade Poetry pdfRF.4.4c Fix Up Strategies bookmark pdfRI.4.1 Making Inferences graphic organizer pdfRI.4.2 Umbrella Graphic Organizer pdfRI.4.3 Events or Procedures in Informational Text Flow Chart pdfRI.4.3 Historical Text-Rosa Parks pdfRI.4.3 Scientific Text-Sharks pdfRI.4.3 Technical Text-Gazpacho Recipe pdfRI.4.4 Hurricane Passage and Vocabulary Foldable pdfRI.4.5 Text Structure Activity pdfRI.4.5 Text Structure Graphic Organizers pdfRI.4.7 Visual Representation of Information Search pdfRI.4.9 Atmosphere Article pdfRI.4.10 Endless Energy pdfRI.4.10 Types of Teeth pdfRL.4.2 Story Map with Theme pdfRL.4.3 Character Analysis Graphic Organizer pdfRL.4.4 Vocabulary Cards pdfRL.4.5 Prose, Poem, and Play Venn Diagram pdfRL.4.6 Point of View Venn Diagram pdfRL.4.10 Skeleton Key Assessment pdfWriting pdfW.4.1a W.4.1c Opinion Writing Rubric pdfW.4.1a Presenting Your Opinion writing planner pdfW.4.1c Linking Opinions and Reasons Word List pdfW.4.2c Linking Ideas Graphic Organizer pdfW.4.2e Organization Rubric pdfW.4.3a,b,c, e 4th Grade 6-Triat Writing Rubric pdfW.4.3a,b,c,e 3rd & 4th Grade 6-Trait Writing Rubric pdfW.4.3a,b,c,e Narrative Planner pdfW.4.3d Camera Planner pdfW.4.3d Descriptive Writing Rubric pdfW.4.4 & W.4.5 3rd & 4th Grade 6-Trait Writing Rubric pdfW.4.4 & W.4.5 4th Grade 6-Trait Writing Rubric pdfW.4.4 Ideas & Content 6-Trait Writing Rubric pdfW.4.7 Umbrella Planner pdfW.4.7 & W.4.9b Umbrella Planner pdfW.4.7,8,9b Research Project Rubric pdfW.4.8 Gathering Information Planner pdfW.4.9a Specific Details Drawn from Literature Organizer pdfSpeaking and Listening pdfSL.4.1b Role Cards pdfSL.4.1d Child Dies of Grease Overdose pdfSL.4.3 Umbrella Planner pdfSL.4.4 Friendly Letter Explanation and Example pdfSL.4.6 Formal and Informal Language Worksheet pdfLanguage pdfL.4.1f Complete Sentence PowerPoint pdfL.4.1f Sentence Mix Up Activity pdfL.4.2b Quotation Marks Passage pdfL.4.3b Bees-Social Insects pdfL.4.4a Context Clue Sort pdfL.4.4b Prefix and Suffix Matching Game pdfL.4.4c The Crow pdfL.4.5a Metaphor Assessment pdfL.4.5a Simile Assessment pdfL.4.5b Idioms with Joey pdfL.4.5c I Have, Who Has Antonym Game pdfL.4.5c I Have, Who Has Synonym Game pdfL.4.6 Vocabulary Cards pdf3rd - 5th Bibliography pdf3rd - 5th Websites