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General Information

 CLICK HERE to see the menu. The lunch menu is read aloud during the morning announcements at each school. Each kitchen writes the lunch menu of the day on a marker board near the kitchen door.

CLICK HERE To see our meal prices.  The prices increase by grade because the KSDE guidelines require that we provide larger portions for older grades.


With a online account, money can be deposited online with a debit/credit card. There is a $2.49 convenience fee. Checks and cash can be sent to the school office with no fees. CLICK HERE to payonline.

Yes, with a account you can log on anytime to see what your student is choosing for meals.  If you do not have an online account, you can call the school secretary and she can email or mail a transaction list to you.

As fast as we can. If you paid with a debit/credit card through your online account before 9:30am, the payment will be posted to your students meal account before they go to lunch that same day.

If you sent a check or cash to the school office, the secretary will credit your student's meal account before they go to lunch that same day.

ANY payments made after 9:30am will show up on your student's meal account the next school day.

Log on to, or use the MySchoolBucks mobile app to add money to your student’s account with in minutes. Or call your student's school secretary and let her know.

Yes, Goddard Nutrition Services sends out emails to every family notifying them when the student's account gets below $6.00

If you have a online account, you may set up additional low balance email alerts. You will get to choose the low balance amount.  These alerts are sent out by the mySchoolBucks computer program at midnight on the day your student's account goes below the specified amount.

It's possible your student may be purchasing ala carte items in addition to the Student Meals. 
The elementary schools offer extra milks.
The Intermediate schools offer extra milks, extra main entrees, and ice cream treats.
The middle schools and high schools have snack bars, and several ala carte items.

 Please call the district office at 794-4201 and speak with Christine. She can look up your payment to find out why it hasn't posted yet.

Yes, a block can be set up on your student's meal account. This will block the student from charging ala carte items.  The student will still be able to charge the Student Breakfast and Student Lunch.The student can still pay cash for ala carte items at the cash register. If at any time you'd still like your student to be able to purchase ala carte items, you can send cash with them.

Please contact your school secretary if you'd like to put a block on your student's account.

KSDE breakfast guidelines requires that each student chose at least 3 of the 4  breakfast items to qualify the meal as a Reimbursable Student Meal.  If your student chooses fewer items or items not on the menu, the student will be charged ala carte prices.

KSDE lunch guidelines requires that each student chose at least 3 components of the 5 components offered. AND one of these 3 components must be 1/2 cup of fruit or  vegetable to qualify the meal as a  Student Meal.  If your student chooses fewer items or items not on the menu, the student will be charged ala carte prices.

If you have any questions concerning the new KSDE Federal Guidelines, please call Nutrition Services at 794-4201

     Unpaid Meal Charge Policy: The Goddard Public Schools wants all students to be nourished and prepared to learn each day. However, the district must be financially responsible to our patrons. Federal policy guidance memo SP-46-2016 requires the district to inform families of the delinquent policy for unpaid meal charges. Courtesy phone calls and e-mails notify the families daily when the student account is at a low balance.  Students who do not have money in their accounts are allowed to receive two alternate lunch meals (sandwich and milk) before their account is closed. There are no breakfast alternate meals. Parents are encouraged to set up an account with My School Bucks at in order to monitor your student account, or to put money on their students account. Parents may apply to qualify for free or reduced lunches for their children, if needed. Parents may apply anytime throughout the school year.


If you did not find the answer to your question here on our site, feel free to call or email your school secretary.

"The best meal of the day...
 is the meal that gives us energy to do our best."