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Certified Teacher Information


Goddard USD 265 requires that all teachers be licensed in the State of Kansas. If you have questions about your license and Kansas licensing regulations, information may be obtained from the Kansas State Department of Education in Topeka, Kansas: 913-296-2288, 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612, web site:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 316-794-4000, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. We truly appreciate your interest in helping us “to provide personal and academic challenges for students to gain knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to function successfully in a complex, multi-cultural society.”

The Goddard School District has administrative employees that direct and develop the total educational program throughout the school district. Normally the building administrative positions will be posted between January and June of the school year. The district office vacancies may occur at various times of the year, but usually are close to the same time frame.


Step 1
The first step in our interview consideration process is the receipt of a completed application file to the Human Resources Office. You may complete an application online by clicking here. A completed file consists of:
    a) a completed application
    b) college transcripts (copies are acceptable for application process, originals needed if hired)
    c) a letter explaining the status of your teaching certificate or a photo copy of your current certificate
    d) credentials or at least 3 letters of reference
Step 2
The District Human Resource office will evaluate the applications and attempt to match the applicant with the job opening within the district that will ensure success for both the teacher and the children involved.
Step 3
Building representatives have access to all online applications as job openings occur. The building representatives will schedule preliminary and final interviews.
Step 4
The names of the applicants chosen by the building personnel and approved by the appropriate district office staff will be presented to the Board of Education for final approval and official hiring. All applicants who have interviews with building personnel will be notified as to the final selection for the position.
Step 5
Online applications are kept active for a period of 18 months.

Salary Information:
The starting salary for teachers at USD 265 with a Bachelor's Degree and no experience is $40,000 (2017-18). No limit on the number of years of accredited teaching experience. The average teaching salary is $48,662 (without supplemental). Highest teaching salary (without supplemental) is $65,688. Average principal salary is $81,750. Superintendent's salary is $137,000.
The Kansas State Department of Education requires employees to participate in the Kansas Public Employment Retirement System (KPERS). The state of Kansas provides employees with a statement each year to summarize contributions and other information. Employees must contribute 4% of salary yearly to KPERS. All employees hired effective July 1, 2009 will be required to contribute 6% of yearly salary to KPERS.
Sick Leave:
A first year certified employee receives 12 days of sick leave. Each year thereafter the employee receives 10 days for reasons of illness. This leave is accumulative to 130 days (no salary deductions).
Professional Leave:
Provides time for employee to attend meetings or conferences that directly relate to building and district goals and strengthen job performance (no salary deductions).
Bereavement Leave:
Bereavement leave shall be granted to cover absences caused by the following: Death in the employee's family. Each employee may take up to five (5) days of bereavement leave per year. One (1) of the five (5) days may be used for the death of a significant other person.
Personal Leave:
Two days of personal leave may be granted with the approval of the principal and the superintendent prior to the leave. Personal leave is accumulative to three days. (no salary deduction).
Personal leave may be accumulated to a maximum of three (3) days. Up to one day of unused personal leave may be carried forward to the following year. Any additional unused personal leave days shall be added to accumulated sick leave provided the employee has not accumulated the maximum amount of sick leave.
Liability Insurance:
Liability insurance is carried up to and exceeding state law requirements for certified employees.
Health Insurance:
A fringe benefit in the amount of $310 is provided to each certified employee enrolled in the district health plan to be used towards payment of their monthly insurance payment.
Social Security:
All school district employees are covered by the Federal Social Security Act. A required percentage of their salary is deducted to pay their portion of this protection and the school district matches their deductions dollar for dollar. The plan, as provided by the federal government is designed for employee's future social security and that of their dependents by providing retirement, disability and death benefits.
Tax-sheltered Annuities:
School district employees are entitled to participate in approved tax-sheltered annuity programs and funds will be drawn from their monthly checks prior to issue.
Workers Compensation:
The school district carries insurance to cover the cost of work-incurred injury or illness. Benefits help pay for medical treatment and part of any income they may lose while recovering.



Ryan Jilka
Asst. Superintendent
of Human Resources
& Student Services

Barbara Reichenborn
HR Secretary, Application Process,
Classified Personnel

Ann Sears
Certified Personnel


P: 316-794-4000
F: 316-794-2222


7:30 AM-4:15 PM

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