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Classified Employee Information

The Goddard School District employs over 345 classified employees to support the educational operations of the school district. The process for the hiring of classified employees is a continuous process. Applications are accepted for all job categories throughout the year.

Salary Information:
The Kansas State Department of Education requires employees to participate in the Kansas Public Employment Retirement System (KPERS). The state of Kansas provides employees with a statement each year to summarize contributions and other information. Employees must contribute 4% of salary yearly to KPERS. All employees hired effective July 1, 2009 will be required to contribute 6% of yearly salary to KPERS.
Sick Leave:
A classified employee earns one (1) day sick leave per month of employment based upon the employee's assigned number of hours worked per day, up to a maximum of eight hours per day. Sick leave may not be used until the employee has worked six (6) months. Any balance at the end of the year will be carried over and accumulate to a maximum of 1040 hours.
Personal Leave:

An employee earns 2 days of personal leave per year. Two days of personal leave may be granted, with pay, on any day the employee is scheduled to work. All personal leave can be granted at the beginning of the employment. Personal leave shall be based upon the employee's assigned number of hours worked per day up to a maximum of eight (8) hours per day. If employment begins after January 1, only one (1) day of personal leave will be granted for that year.

Personal leave may be accumulated to a maximum of three (3) days. Up to one day of unused personal leave may be carried forward to the following year. Any additional unused personal leave days shall be added to accumulated sick leave provided the employee has not accumulated the maximum amount of sick leave.

Bereavement Leave:
Bereavement leave shall be granted to cover absences caused by the following: Death in the employee's family. Each employee may take up to five (5) days of bereavement leave per year. One (1) of the five (5) days may be used for the death of a significant other person.
Liability Insurance:
Liability insurance is carried up to and exceeding state law requirements for certified employees.
Health Insurance (defined benefit):

Classified employees who are employed to work at least twenty (20) hours per week are eligible for a share of a defined health insurance pool with the district's health insurance plan. The employee's portion of the health insurance premium will be deducted from the payroll check twice a month.

At the time of employment, new classified employees who are employed to work between twenty (20) and thirty (30) hours per week are eligible for 50% of a defined benefit from the classified health insurance pool per month. Employees who are employed to work thirty-one (31) to thirty-five (35) hours are eligible for 75% of a defined benefit. Employees who are employed to work thirty-six (36) to (40) hours per week are eligible for 100% of a defined benefit. The defined health insurance benefit (100%) is $310.00 per month.

Employees are only eligible to receive the defined benefit if they enroll in the health insurance plan at the time of employment or at the beginning of the Fringe Benefit Plan Year, which begins October 1.

Social Security:
All school district employees are covered by the Federal Social Security Act. A required percentage of their salary is deducted to pay their portion of this protection and the school district matches their deductions dollar for dollar. The plan, as provided by the federal government is designed for employee's future social security and that of their dependents by providing retirement, disability and death benefits.
Tax-sheltered Annuities:
School district employees are entitled to participate in approved tax-sheltered annuity programs and funds will be drawn from their monthly checks prior to issue.
Workers Compensation:
The school district carries insurance to cover the cost of work-incurred injury or illness. Benefits help pay for medical treatment and part of any income they may lose while recovering.
Classified employees that work twelve (12) months a year, a minimum of 4 hours a day, will be eligible for two (2) weeks pair vacation (based on the number of hours worked per day, not to exceed 8 hours per day.)
Paid Holidays:
Classified personnel (including four (4) hour a day employees) shall not be expected to be on duty but shall be paid for the following holidays, as a minimum, providing such holidays occur on a day the employee is scheduled to work and the days are designated as holidays on the school calendar when students are not in attendance. The employee must work the last working day before and the first working day after the holiday to be eligible to be paid for the paid holiday. This policy does not apply to seasonal employees.

Labor Day 1 paid day             Thanksgiving Day 2 paid days
Christmas Day 2 paid days    New Years Day 1 paid day
Memorial Day 1 paid day       Independence Day 1 paid day

TO Tamme Hanrahan or Susan Smith – OR REFER TO THE USD 265 CLASSIFIED HANDBOOK.

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