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Substitute Teacher Information

The Goddard School District employs substitute teachers to maintain the classroom when the regular classroom teachers are absent. To receive a substitute teacher application please email Terri Simon, call 316-794-4000 or download the Substitute Teacher Application form as a pdf file or Microsoft Word document. You may also write to the district at the following address:

Goddard USD 265
Attention: Terri Simon
201 South Main / P.O. Box 249
Goddard, Kansas 67052-0249

All new candidates applying to substitute in USD 265 must call and schedule an interview with the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Upon contacting the HR department you will receive information concerning several forms that should accompany the application form to ensure rapid access to the substitute teacher pool. There is an “emergency” substitute teacher process that is also available for persons having completed a minimum of 60 hours of college credit that can be approved by the Superintendent of Schools should the need arise. Ms. Simon will give you any information concerning that process when you inquire. Substitute daily rate of salary is $105.00. In a long term assignment the daily rate of salary increases to $150.00 after 10 days in the same assignment.


Q&A: What you may want to ask before you have to ask it:
Does substitute teaching in your district play a big role in whether I am hired or not.
Substitute teaching certainly gives you the chance to know our school system better and we certainly encourage applications from our substitute pool. You may substitute teach while you are being considered for an opening. However, there is no district requirement that you have to substitute here before you will be hired.
Do I have too many years of experience to be hired?
It is our policy to get the best match for the opening from the application pool. We hire both beginning teachers and teachers with multiple years of experience. We also hire both teachers with bachelor's degrees only and those with advanced degrees. It is the policy of the district to give credit on the salary schedule for all years of teaching experience in accredited school programs.
What factors are considered before hiring?
Before offering any candidate a position, many different things are considered, including but not limited to, background experiences, references, college transcripts, responses to interview questions and the results of criminal and employment background checks.
Would it be a benefit for me to drop by to meet the building principals?
In all fairness, both to the applicants and the principals, you should not visit the buildings without prior approval from an administrator in the Human Resources office.



Barbara Reichenborn
HR Secretary, Application Process,
Classified Personnel

Ann Sears
Certified Personnel


P: 316-794-4000
F: 316-794-2222


7:30 AM-4:15 PM

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