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The area served by Goddard Public Schools is roughly bounded by Central Ave. on the north and Tyler Rd. on the east (in Wichita), and 55th St. on the south and Viola Rd. on the west, in rural Sedgwick County.

Please see the school district map for specific boundaries.

High School
Landscape View facing Eisenhower High School

9th - 12th

Eisenhower High School

1230 S. 167th Street W.
P.O. Box 789

Phone: 316-794-4190
Fax: 316-794-4191

Landscape View facing Goddard High School

9th - 12th

Goddard High School

2500 S. 199th Street W.
P.O. Box 189

Phone: 316-794-4100
Fax: 316-794-4130

Landscape View facing Goddard Academy

9th - 12th

Goddard Academy

19701 W. 23rd Street S.
P.O. Box 318

Phone: 316-794-4142
Fax: 316-794-4143

Middle School
Landscape View facing Eisenhower Middle School

7th - 8th

Eisenhower Middle School

16152 W. Explorer St.
P.O. Box 349

Phone: 316-794-4150
Fax: 316-794-4063

Landscape View facing Goddard Middle School

7th - 8th

Goddard Middle School

2700 S. 199th Street W.
P.O. Box 279

Phone: 316-794-4230
Fax: 316-794-4254

Landscape View facing Challenger Intermediate School

5th - 6th

Challenger Intermediate School

325 N. Walnut
P.O. Box 277

Phone: 316-794-4040
Fax: 316-794-4266

Landscape View facing Discovery Intermediate School

5th - 6th

Discovery Intermediate School

301 S. Main St.
P.O. Box 248

Phone: 316-794-4030
Fax: 316-794-4064

Landscape View facing Amelia Earhart Elementary School

K - 4th

Amelia Earhart Elementary School

19201 W. 23rd Street S.
P.O Box 319

Phone: 316-794-4080
Fax: 316-794-4062

Landscape View facing Clark Davidson Elementary School

PreK - 4th

Clark Davidson Elementary School

333 S. Walnut
PO Box 278

Phone: 316-794-4260
Fax: 316-794-4280

Landscape View facing Apollo Elementary School

K - 4th

Apollo Elementary School

16158 W. Apollo St.
PO Box 159

Phone: 316-794-4090
Fax: 316-794-4091

Landscape View facing Explorer Elementary School

PreK - 4th

Explorer Elementary School

16746 W. Explorer St.
P.O. Box 217

Phone: 316-794-4181
Fax: 316-794-4182

Landscape View facing Oak Street Elementary School

K - 4th

Oak Street Elementary School

501 N. Oak Street
P.O. Box 188

Phone: 316-794-4200
Fax: 316-794-4220

Contact Information

Goddard Public Schools
201 S. Main
P.O. Box 249
Goddard, Kansas 67052

7:30 AM-4:15 PM

Phone: 316-794-4000
Fax: 316-794-2222

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