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JCDAB - Electronic Devices & Camera Use

Electronic Devices

            The use of electronic communication devices by pupils on school property during the school day is restricted in accordance with the provisions of individual school policies.  The board directs each school to establish rules regarding the possession of communication devices and regulating their use according to the following guidelines:

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices shall not be used in a manner that
    • (a) disrupts the educational process,
    • (b) undermines academic integrity,
    • (c) violates confidentiality or privacy rights of another individual, or
    • (d) threatens any individual.
  • School rules may be established to indicate communication devices used in violation of school rules will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken for such violation.
  • Rules regarding confiscation may include the requirement for a parent meeting prior to the return of the device.
  • Parents and students shall receive written notice of school rules regarding communication devices.  The notice of rules shall include a statement that the school and district accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any communication device.

Camera Use 

Cameras and camera phones may be used at school, on school property or at school activities or functions only if they are not disruptive and are in compliance with school policy for electronic devices. Cameras shall not be used in such a fashion as to inappropriately invade the privacy of others. No camera shall be used in any restroom, dressing area or locker room. Cameras shall not be used to record confidential material, such as tests. 

Cameras shall include film cameras, movie cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, cellular telephone cameras, videophones, internet web cameras and any other device capable of taking, storing, transmitting or viewing pictures or images.

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