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EE - Meal Charge

Nutrition Services Management
The director of nutrition service shall be under the immediate supervision of the superintendent and shall have control over all aspects of the district’s nutrition service programs subject to board policy, rules and state and federal regulations. Any changes in meal prices shall be presented to the assistant superintendent for finance for review and recommendation to the board.

Sanitation Inspections
The director of nutrition service shall inspect each lunchroom to ensure that proper sanitation procedures are being followed. 

The director of nutrition service shall be responsible for keeping nutrition service records required by state and federal laws and regulations.

Nutrition Service - Returned Check Policy
In the event that a check has been dishonored and returned to the district, said check will be subject to 
Board of Education Policy DL – Checks, returned checks, service charges and collection. 

Nutrition Service - Meal Charge Policy
The district has a “no charge policy” for all students and adults. The superintendent and the director of nutrition services will develop a procedure for collection of money when a student's account has a negative balance. Part of the procedure will be to provide the parent with a free/reduced lunch application for them to complete to determine if they would qualify for free or reduced-price meals. If the child qualifies for free or reduced-price meals the negative balance will still be required to be paid in accordance with Federal Guidelines. Parents can send lunches with the student but the negative balance will be required to be paid. During the process to recover the meal account charges, students will continue to be served a Type A school lunch if a sack lunch is not provided by the parent/guardian. When children are not provided lunches by their parents/guardians, they are considered children in need of care and the Social Rehabilitation Services will be notified. 

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