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JGG - School Bus Discipline Procedures

The following discipline procedure will be used on all Goddard USD 265 school buses, and in the loading areas.

If a student breaks one or more of the bus rules the bus driver may give a verbal warning. If a second offense occurs, a "bus discipline notice" will be given to the student to take home. The notice must be signed by a parent before the student can ride again. If a third offense occurs, the parents will be notified by the director of transportation or representative and the student may be suspended from riding for one to three days. A fourth offense may result in suspension of bus privileges for five days. Additional offenses may result in suspension of bus privileges for an indefinite period of time, which could include the remainder of the semester or school year. 

With respect to special transportation privileges, such as sports, interscholastic competition, field trips, late activity routes, and special “pass” students, one warning is given for an infraction. A second infraction may result in the student losing special transportation privileges for that extra-curricular activity or semester.

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