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JDE - Sportsmanship Policy

The Board of Education is committed to a spirit of good sportsmanship as a means to achieve exemplary citizenship and to enhance the image of our school community among students, patrons and guests of our district. To enhance and promote our sportsmanship and citizenship goals, all students, coaches, sponsors and fans representing our district are expected to display exemplary levels of sportsmanship during all school sponsored practices, events and activities at home and away. Should a student participant, coach, sponsor or attending patron exhibit such unsportsmanlike conduct during the durations of a school-sponsored event, the following sanctions shall be imposed: 

  1. Any student, sponsor or coach who is ejected from an event for an unsportsmanlike action shall be suspended from the next date of competition or performance for which they are eligible and may suffer a more significant suspension up to and including exclusion for the remainder of the season or school year. 
  2. Suspensions for more than one date shall be at the discretion of the sponsor, coach, activities/athletic director and the building principal. 
  3. A suspension for one event or a longer term may extend into the next school year. 
  4. Disciplinary action taken against offending spectators may extend from a minimum of one event to a maximum of permanent suspension from all future U.S.D. 265 extra curricular activities for which spectators are invited and welcomed. 
  5. Long term (more than one event) suspensions will be imposed on student participants for similar or like activities or events. As an example, an ejection from an athletic event date will result in suspension from the next athletic event for which the student is eligible for competition. Being asked to leave a performing group (non-athletic) will result in suspension from the next non-athletic contest or performance date for which the student would be eligible. The activities/athletic director will be responsible for monitoring and recording the punishment for all students (athletic and non-athletic). 

For clarification only, the definition of an unsportsmanlike act shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following inappropriate and unacceptable actions: 

  1. Fighting or other physically inappropriate actions occurring during an event or competition. 
  2. Abusive, rude, sarcastic or discourteous action. 
  3. The use of vulgar language and/or obscene gesture directed toward any other participant, official or spectator. 
  4. Any inappropriate racial, ethnic or religious remark made toward another participant, official or spectator during an event which results in a disciplinary report. 

In the case of spectators, wearing any clothing that reflects obscenity or an inappropriate racial, ethnic or religious theme.

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