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JS - Student Fees and Charges

Building principals or designated representatives shall be authorized to collect fees or charges approved by the board or to seek restitution for any school property lost, damaged or destroyed by a student. 

The superintendent or designated representative shall distribute a schedule of textbooks, enrollment and other fees as approved in advance by the board to all building principals and other school personnel designated as being authorized to charge and collect certain fees. The fee schedule shall include a list of all items for which a charge is to be collected and the amount of such charges.

Textbook Rental Fees 
Lawful custodians of pupils are expected to pay the textbook rental fees, as established for the various grades by the Board of Education, and to reimburse the school for any damaged or lost rental textbooks. Enrollment may be delayed until the pupil’s fees are paid or arrangements made for payment of the fees. 

A lawful custodian may apply for reduction or waiver of textbook rental fees: 

a. To qualify for reduction or waiver, the lawful custodian of the pupil must complete the Free and Reduced Meal Form (Child Nutrition Program Benefits) and qualify under current income guidelines. For households with multiple pupils, only one application need be completed. 
b. If the family qualifies for free or reduced meals as determined by Nutrition Services, the custodian may complete an application for waiver of textbook fees.

Lost or Destroyed Textbooks 
Textbooks that are damaged but repairable will require a repair fee. If the book is damaged beyond repair or lost, a replacement fee will be charged. The textbook replacement fee will be prorated on the basis of the full years remaining on a six year book life. If lost textbooks are recovered in the same condition as when issued, funds paid will be refunded.

Lost or Destroyed Library Books 
Students will be charged a repair fee for library items with repairable damage. Library books are purchased with special binding to endure a long shelf life and are not replaced on a cycle. Therefore, if a book is destroyed or lost, the full replacement cost will be charged. 

Building principals shall attempt to collect the justifiable value owed by a student of school property lost, damaged or destroyed by a student. If, after buildings’ attempt to collect, the amount remains unpaid, a report will be made to the district police department for collection.

Forwarding Pupil Records 
Administrators shall forward student’s school records upon request and may not withhold them for any reason.

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