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What is the RESPECT Initiative?

RESPECT is an important word in Goddard School District. Students, staff and members of the school community will see that word on banners, posters and business cards throughout the district this year. Two other words also challenge us by asking if we are the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION. These words are key components of an initiative launched this school year to address some non-academic issues that affect our school community.

The Goddard Respect Initiative is the end result of a year-long effort by a committee of staff and parents trying to address those concerns.
GRI is based upon the belief that our school patrons and community have high expectations of the Goddard Public Schools. This community believes that we must not only address academics, but we also have an obligation and a commitment to teach and model good citizenship, to respect each other, and to accept personal responsibility for wellness.
Our students, our school system and our society in general face many issues, such as:
  • bullying
  • use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana by our students
  • student pregnancies
  • physically unfit students
  • student expulsions for inappropriate behaviors
  • cyber crimes and consequences
The Goddard Board of Education approved the concept of the Goddard Respect Initiative, with a comprehensive curriculum to include all educational levels in the district. The board also adopted a policy specifically addressing bullying issues, and established the focus of the initiative as preventing unhealthy behaviors. A committee of parents, staff and board members moved forward from there and established common terminology to be used by the school district in the implementation and administration of this initiative asking every student, every district employee, and every parent in Goddard School District to share in the responsibility for implementing the initiative.
Components of the GRI include:
  • Program developmental phases and implementation timeline
  • BOE policy
  • District wide common vocabulary
  • District wide GRI posters and information cards
  • Counselors, administrators and other staff training
  • Teaching and implementation of the initiative at the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school levels
  • Explanation and implementation of the initiative at all school district departments
  • Lessons planned and mapped for delivery consistency
  • Student, parent and staff yearly survey
  • Common reporting forms for consistency of administration

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