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Station 1 - Outdoor Pergola Classroom

This outdoor classroom was constructed from repurposed wood by the 2012-2013 ecology students and Westar Energy’s Green team. The outdoor bulletin board was a gift from the EHS booster club. Reasons for using repurposed wood include: Stability—aged wood is less likely to cup, twist or otherwise move. As a result, reclaimed wood is more dimensionally stable and easier to work with. Reduce---the amount of emissions associated with the logging, processing, and transportation of new wood is reduced and these items are not added to our landfills and it saves trees.

Heat Islands

An urban heat island (UHI) is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas.. The phenomenon was first investigated and described, though not by name, by Luke Howard in the 1810s. The temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day, and is most apparent when winds are weak. The main cause of the urban heat island is modification of the land surface by urban development, like our parking lots, sidewalks, and school buildings which uses materials which effectively retain heat. That is why “green spaces” like our O.W.L.S. area are so important in helping to regulate temperature in this area.

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