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Station 6 - Bat Box Kansas Bats: Brown Bat

Big brown bats are the most common and widespread bat in Kansas. In winter they normally hibernate in the drier parts of caves, but will also use mines, buildings, storm-sewers, hollow trees, and crevices in rocks. In summer they live in a variety of locations such as chimneys and other parts of buildings, between walls, in cornices and roofs, and under tree bark. This is an abundant bat in Kansas cities and towns. Both maternal roosts and hibernacula may be found in older buildings. Eptesicus fuscus pallidus species is a resident in Kansas the entire year.

This is the bat most commonly found flying in houses here in Kansas. When Big Brown Bats enter hibernation in late September or early October, females always precede the males. They eat most kinds of nocturnal insects captured and eaten in flight or, if the insects are too large to manage in flight, the bat will consume them at a nearby night feeding roost. Proceed south along the mowed space to trail marker #7

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