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Station 11 - Crayfish (Crawdad) Hole

Land crayfish build burrows down to 25 cm deep at the level of the water table. Water fills a small chamber at the bottom of the branching burrowing system covering half a square meter. The crayfish spends most of its time in the chamber at the bottom of its burrow so is rarely seen. Only at night does it become active bringing soil to the surface. It feeds mostly on decaying roots and buried plant matter, but sometimes eats worms or insects. Some species live alone but others are more communal. Male and females usually come together to mate in spring and eggs are incubated attached to the tail of the female. Juveniles hatch in mid–late summer. After hatching they may remain in their parents’ burrow or migrate to start a life of their own.

You may continue walking south to the aquatics pond where you will locate trail markers #12, #13 and #14 or you can choose to shorten your hike by moving to the east side of this native grasses section to locate trail marker #15.

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