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Station 13 - Vernal (Seasonal) Aquatics Pond (Flood Control Catch-Basin)

Stop for a moment to examine the organisms in the water. This water flows into the pond from the run off of the parking lot and adjacent fields. You may see small mosquito fish as they swim or hide in the vegetation. They can see your movement and are frightened. These fish reproduce abundantly in spring and summer and are effective at controlling mosquito populations. Other organisms that are common include pond snails, ram’s horn snails, mites, frog tadpoles, salamander larvae, and a variety of insects, crayfish and a host of other invertebrates.

Stand or sit quietly and allow some of the reclusive species to come back out from the shadows.

Continue around the pond (counter-clockwise) which will have you hiking in a northern direction to location trail marker #14 (located on the east side of the pond).

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