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Station 16 - Perch and Poop Line

A bird's entire life is spent either standing or flying. The thought of standing most of one's life creates mental pictures of sore, aching feet and legs. A bird not only stands all day long, but also sleeps in the same position with his claws locked around the perch. The only time in his life span, 10-77 years, the bird is off its feet is when the hen is nesting. When not flying, the bird may walk, but generally jumps from place to place, which is a further insult to the already stressed locomotion system. We have provided this perch line to act as a way station for resting and, when the bird relieves itself (poop), to see what will grow as a result. Many people wonder “How did that plant get here?” and now we know---from bird poop!

To go to the final trail marker for the EHS Nature Trail proceed north to the elevated native prairie interpretive gardens adjacent to the high school green house. There you will find trail marker #17.

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